Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Some of Our Favorite Games

Do you play games during speech therapy? Games are motivating for children, and help them learn important communication skills, such as taking turns, waiting for others, and following rules. Games can also provide an opportunity to practice verbal skills, use problem solving skills, and teach social skills and manners. Sometimes the games need to be modified to fit the needs off the students. There are hundreds of choices that rival the classic games, like Candyland and Chutes and Ladders. Amazon is a great place to search for speech therapy-friendly games. Here are a few of my student's favorites:

Kids love the slap the spoons onto the cards. Match the ingredients on your recipe, and you are the winner!

Mix and match parts to build your own monster. You can also trade parts, steal parts, or use a wild card!

This is a new company that has all these decks of cards for various skills. The double dice is a real favorite.

Several sets are available. I practice answering questions while the students can see the cards. Then graduate to giving them some time to look at it, and asking the questions when they can no longer see the cards. Have a helper give a thumbs up if they answer correctly!

Pick a card, and give a response. I sometimes set a timer to see if they can answer x amount of questions as a group before the timer goes off.

Mama  Hen has to get all her chicks back in the coop before she gets there. It's a cooperative game, so all the students either win or "the game" wins.

Here are a few websites that give great suggestions for games to use in therapy.