Saturday, December 29, 2012

Gingerbread Glyphs

Gingerbread Glyphs -                                             The Gingerbread Glyphs were created during the very busy Christmas season, when just getting your groups together can be a challenge. As with other glyphs, the emphasis was on using speech and language skills in an unstructured activity to monitor carryover of skills.        
Glyphs in speech therapy can address Listening for Directions, Organizing Pieces of Information, Making Associations, Comparing and Contrasting, Describing, Answering Questions, and Reporting Information.
To complete this glyph, the students filled out a questionnaire. Even the kindergarten students were able to do this! It helped cut down on students giving false answers to get a certain color ingredient! Then the students were able to assemble the parts needed based on the answers they provided. As a special treat, before they left the room, each student was offered a sample of the candy they wished to try. It was surprising to see that many of them had never tasted gumdrops or licorice laces!
The directions for completing the Gingerbread Glyph can be found here.  
To view the completed projects, you can visit here.                       

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